Multimodel Transport

We offer a one-stop freight service. We have achieved all this through the commitment of our professional & competent staff. All members of staff are provided with on-going training, career development & the latest technology at their fingertips. This provides powerful incentives, which work to our clients as a singular advantage in providing an affective & efficient service. To us, no consignment is too small or too large. Each shipment is dealt with the source amount of importance & all our staff members are ever ready to provide a one to one personal & friendly service.

The company has its own license of being a Multimodal Transport Operator granted through Directorate General of Shipping, India. With the grant of the license, the company has the ability to issue one set of negotiable document i.e. the Multimodal Transport Document reworded as Bill of Lading and can carry the cargo through all possible means of transport under the same document under instructions, knowledge and arrangement with the customer.

For example, a shipment from Delhi to Munich will follow the route as - the cargo received in Delhi is loaded on trains as pre- carriage up to Bombay from where it is loaded on ship sailing up to Hamburg and from there it is made to reach final destination through trucking services. The whole movement is observed under one multimodal transport document